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Mt. Wilson Repeater
EF - 003 :: CD

After ten-plus years fronting Los Angeles’ favorite sons, the Radar Bros., Jim Putnam now brings his acclaimed talent for composition, melody and command of the studio to his new project Mt. Wilson Repeater.

Recorded in his renowned backyard studio in Atwater Village, CA, Mt. Wilson Repeater is the sound of late nights at the piano, bourbon in hand, after a day spent watching his dog Hal eat freshly fallen grapefruit from the adjacent tree.

Playing multiple instruments on the album and utilizing many of the techniques learned from his father, Bill Putnam, Jim delivers masterful recordings of his trademark aesthetic. This self-titled debut expresses that warm southern California sun worshipped by Putnam, the Radar Bros. and their fans yet the similarities between Mt. Wilson Repeater and the Radar Bros. suddenly come to an abrupt end.

Vocals take a backseat to music on this album—if they get in the car at all—serving more as an integral part of the sound and instrumentation rather than as a point of focus. Jim creates lush, psychedelic arrangements swimming within an intimate bedroom ambience – a seamless welding of electronic and acoustic worlds. The experiment that is Mt. Wilson Repeater sits comfortably in the backyard along with tradition, sharing drinks until tradition passes out, allowing him to sneak back into the studio.

:: Available April 15, 2008

Crooked Fingers
"Sleep All Summer"
EF - 002 :: 7" Single

Eric Bachman took his music in a different direction forming Crooked Fingers in 2000. Instead of the angular, rambunctious rock of his former band, Archers of Loaf, he's been creating melancholic, sincere and somewhat less rambunctious songs.

Touring with celebrated Scottish indie-rockers, The Delgados in the Autumn of 2004, Eric played solo shows billed as Crooked Fingers and invited Emma from The Delgados as well as their cellist, Alan Barr to accompany him in making some incredibly memorable moments for anyone lucky enough to see (and hear) them touring through North America.

Recorded with one microphone onto a MiniDisc player in the parish room of the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, these two songs represent the necessary documentation of both the tour and these incredible renditions of Eric's songs.

"Sleep All Summer" features Eric Bachmann and Emma Pollock singing, Eric playing acoustic guitar and Alan Barr playing cello. Lara Meyerratken, Eric's vocal partner on the new Crooked Fingers album also sings back-up vocals in this version. The Australian singer, keyboardist and songwriter has also collaborated with Luna, Nada Surf, Luscious Jackson and Ben Lee. The B-side, "You Must Build A Fire" is a heart-felt duet featuring Eric and Alan Barr's cello.

The recording itself is slightly distorted in places, but all involved unanimously agreed, at the time of the recording, that it's "pretty cool like that" and that "you can't expect too much from that microphone and a MiniDisc." We hope you can agree.

:: Available March 29, 2005

"So It's Come To This"
EF - 001 :: CD

Anom returns in 2005 with his full-length album, "So It's Come To This". Flowing rhymes backed by a funky rhythm guitar, the title track sets the album's tone. "So It's Come To This" is as much a personal evaluation and call to arms as it is a straight head-nodder offering refreshing accessibility. The most avid hip-hop heads will embrace its purity while the casual music fan can sit back, relax and enjoy.

Influences such as Nas, Rakim, The Roots, Mos Def, and Ice Cube are evident while the album shows Anom's diversity, touching on various themes and subjects from personal demons to The United States' declaration of war on Iraq. Produced by Cave Precise, the ten-song effort is honest and personal. Concurrent with the rising disillusionment of the underground community, it is also an overt reaction to the branding of hip-hop culture.

:: Available September 13, 2005